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How Copilot Helps Manage High Blood Pressure

We believe that you simply cannot manage high blood pressure by just showing up at the doctor every three or six months. High blood pressure requires daily management, and often requires a helping hand to get it under control.

We believe that no one should feel alone with high blood pressure, and everyone deserves better care. Here's how Copilot helps in four steps:


The Copilot Medical Team starts by evaluating your medical history, understand any medications you are on, and your current medical situation.

Male Doctor
Wrapped Package


Copilot then mails you a connected blood pressure cuff, that you use daily to track your blood pressure.

What does connected mean? There is a tiny cell phone built into the blood pressure cuff that instantly sends the readings to our medical team!


Our doctors and nurses monitor your blood pressure looking for anything that needs attention - too high, too low, trending in the wrong direction, etc.

They will call or text you right away if they see anything that causes concern. 

We also help you make the right changes - everything from medication to lifestyle changes to get healthier.

Nurse with Protective Mask
A woman looking at charts on the screen


We build a chart of all your blood pressure readings, kind of like a stock, tracking the highs and the lows and learning the pattern.

Since your blood pressure changes constantly based on many variables, this helps us get smarter about what is going on, and make more informed decisions.

We believe Copilot IQ is the smartest way to manage high blood pressure. The service is reimbursed by Medicare, and provided at no cost to patients.​

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